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Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wife & Lifestyle

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When it comes to be a YouTuber or Social Media Influencer, none on earth can deny its vitality as one of the most thriving careers today. The same is the true of Kevin Samuels. He has been triumphed to outshine as a successful American YouTuber, dating expert, life coach, social media influencer, and a professional image consultant. With wearing so many hats, one wonders, what is Kevin Samuels net worth?

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the US born social media star Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated around $4 Million. The readers often confuse Kevin with Chris Samuels. The latter is an effective former offensive tackle. With more to that, Chris is a six-time National Football League (NFL) pro bowler.

Back to Kevin, exploring more about Samuels is worth reading. Because people are eager to know; who is Kevin Samuels? What is his bio, date of birth, Wiki, education, career, wife, and more? Let’s dive straight into it.

Net Worth:$4 Million
Full Name:Kevin Roshon Samuels
Date of Birth:March 13, 1965
Birth Place:Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Monthly Income:$16,000 +
Height:6ft 2in (1.87m)
Weight:65 Kg (estimated)
Hair Color:Silver
Shoe Size:15.5 US
Siblings:Not confirmed
Father:Not confirmed
Mother:Not confirmed
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife/Spouse:Married twice but divorced
Dating/Girlfriend:Married twice but divorced
Children:Not confirmed
Profession:Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach and Social Media Influencer
Favorite Color:Pink
Favorite Food:Pizza and Veg
Favorite Perfume:Gypsy Water
Favorite Drink:Not confirmed
Favorite Actor:Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress:Natalie Portman
Favorite YouTuber:Faze Rug
Favorite Tiktoker:Wigo Fellas
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Last Updated:2023

As of November 2022, Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated to be roughly $4 million.

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Kevin Samuels is a Pisces. Nicknamed as ‘Dating Guru,’ Kevin is an expert “image consultant, influencer, and Life Style Coach.” With his own unique tips and guidance, the enthusiast coach helps individuals, as well as companies, solve their mutual relationship issues.

Samuels has launched his own YouTube channel where he covers various aspects of a desired modern lifestyle. He makes videos about fragrance, self-improvement, men’s style and fashion, men’s shoes, women’s self-improvement, business and entrepreneurship, and relationship building.

Kevin is more concerned about strengthening husband-wife relationships. He is often seen educating ladies through his social media posts. “Guys, if you’re not marriage minded what does a woman’s sexual past or body count really matter?”, Samuels writes addressing his Facebook followers.

Similarly, addressing women now, and of course advising them about life and keeping relationships, Kevin goes this way:

“Ladies, life is about choices and trade offs you can’t have it all.

Kevin Samuels Early Life & Biography

Kevin Samuels Early Life & Biography

Though stats on some websites and magazines may differ, Kevin Samuels date of birth is March 13, 1965. Thus, he is 57 years old as of 2022. Samuels was born in Atlanta, the capital and the most populous city of Georgia, United states. Surprisingly though, his parentage is yet to be discovered.

After his parents divorced and split, the Atlanta born Kevin moved to Oklahoma. He completed his schooling at Millwood High School, Oklahoma. He then upgraded and moved to the prestigious University of Oklahoma in 1985. From there he earned the degree of Chemical Engineering right after two years in 1987.

Fortunate for him, Kevin had developed a sense of fashion, dance, public meetings, and music right during his schooling. Then known as “Fred”, Kevin used to call himself “Unique.” A caption on his picture from school days shows that “Kevin enjoys dancing, clothes, and meeting people.” Also, the caption goes further, “he is member of the band Student Council, stage band, MHS dancers, Pep Club, and the Bronze Gents.” The picture states Kevin to be planning to attend Oklahoma University thereby aiming to major in “Bio-med.”

Thanks to his piqued artistic tastes, Samuels was going to shine as a social media star in his field in the coming future.

Kevin Samuels Wife & Personal Life

How ironical it is to state that the life coach himself is divorced twice, and that he lives bachelor. His life is a mystery in itself. Every now and then you go to dig out more about Kevin, you come up absolutely clueless.

Tell me what, who on earth would believe me saying that the dashing “Dating Guru” does have a girlfriend, and he never goes out dating anyone. Available stats tell us that back in August, 2020, Samuels hinted on his undercover dating life. In fact, he posted on Instagram a story with @sixthegoddis, a 30-year-old model. She is an “ATL, Influencer of femininity for black women, Author, Creator, #BlackLove Advocate, PODCAST:African in American on iTunes/Spotify, and Big Sister Six,” her Instagram profile reveals.

Kevin never revealed to media about his parents; their names, their life status – if they still lived or not – all remains untold. Perhaps, as we could assume that his parents might got divorced and split. Also, the media stats show nothing about his siblings. Therefore, one can surely suppose that he was the only child of his parents.

Kevin Samuels Age, Height & Weight

Born on March 13, 1965, as of May 2022, Kevin is 57 years old. The gentleman is a-6-feet and 2 inches (188 cm) tall handsome guy. Kevin is weighed about 65 kilograms (143 lbs).

Kevin Samuels Career, Professions, & Lifestyle

Kevin Samuels Career, Professions, & Lifestyle

Following his education in Chemical Engineering Kevin worked in a chemical industry for some time. He then hit the path down to his professional career as a business manager and consultant at Office Depot, a retail company. Thanks to his exposure to mass meetings and public dealings during the student life, Kevin was soon promoted and associated with advertisement affairs of the company.

As a manager there, Kevin worked in Office Depot for almost three and a half years. Utilizing his business development skills, Samuels would draw in numbers of clients for the company.

In July 2009, Samuels joined Supermedia, also famous as Idearc Media.  He served there during a time span of two and half years. And later, following to quit his job as an inside advertising internet sales representative, Kevin left the group in September 2011. He also worked as a consultant with The Real Yellow Pages (YP), a marketing and advertising company.

In January 2013 Kevin headed up to making “Kevin Samuels,” a self-titled image consulting firm. Focusing on to solve the real-life issues of their clients, the Atlanta based company facilitates them with wardrobe styling tips, image and brand integration, and media & job interview coaching.

Coming from a professional background, and, of course, with hands-on experience in the field of advertising, marketing, and sales, Kevin always thought appearance and personality as keys to excel in any professional success. This eventually led him to starting a self-titled dedicated YouTube channel. Samuels omni presence on social has earned immense fame and popularity, so much so that the numbers have crossed millions even.

Kevin Samuels’s Social Media Profiles

Social Platform:Profile Links
YouTube:Kevin Samuels YouTube Channel
Facebook:Kevin Samuels Facebook
Instagram:Kevin Samuels Instagram
Twitter:Kevin Samuels Twitter
TikTok:Kevin Samuels Tiktok
LinkedIn:Kevin Samuels LinkedIn
Email:[email protected]

Future – Healing Together With Dr. Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels Net Worth Insight

For those wondering how much is Kevin Samuels worth, he has made a fortune of $4 million. Most of his earnings come from YouTube, Image Consultancy, and brand affiliations. He also owns “Life & Style by Kevin Samuels,” a showroom located on his huge property in Los Angeles. The Guru also owns some luxuries cars.

Car Collections Expected Market Price
Lamborghini Urus$300,000
Mercedes AMG G-63$200,000
Tesla Model X$99,000
Mini Cooper$40,000
BMW Sedan$19,000

Kevin has revealed that he makes over $5,000 a month with his YouTube channel alone. His Image Consultancy company also bags a monthly fortune of about $10,000. Stats on various websites confirm that Kevin Samuels net worth has seen a rapid growth from 2017 to 2022.

Year Net Worth
20224 Million US Dollars
20213.8 Million US Dollars
20203.6 Million US Dollars
20193.1 Million US Dollars
20182.4Million US Dollars
20171.5 Million US Dollars

FAQs About Kevin Samuels

 Q: Who is Kevin Samuels?

A: He is best known as a Dating Guru, Social Media Influencer, a YouTuber, Life & Style Coach, and a professional Image Consultant.

Q: Who is Kevin Samuels wife?

A: Previously married twice, the Dating Guru is now divorced. He has not yet revealed wives name and also he hides his children.

Q: What does Kevin Samuels do for a living?

A: Kevin Samuels, a Dating Guru and a YouTuber earned his wealth from consultancy, dating advice, Youtube, social media influencer.

Q: Is Kevin Samuels still alive?

A: Unfortunately, Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber and a Dating Guru is no more with us. He died on Thursday in Atlanta. He was 57 when died.

Q: What did Kevin Samuels died from?

A: Kevin Samuels died from heart attack. He was suffering from heart attack issue before. On Thursday, he suddenly rushed to Georgia hospital because was suffering from heart attack.


Kevin Samuels was a professional YouTuber, social media influencer, dating guru, image consultant, and a Life style coach. He upload videos on his channel about lifestyle, dating, fashion, and more. He once revealed that he earns $5,000 from his Youtube channel only and $10,000 from a single client for image consulting. He has more than 1.21 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram. As of 2022, Kevin Samuels’ net worth was estimated to be roughly $4 million.

Sophia Eve is a writer for Wealthy Cast. Her friends often call her Sofia. She is 25 years old Swedish girl from Stockholm. Sophia loves traveling, blogging, and photography. Sophia is passionate to help others in their life and motivate them to do what they love to. Sophia is currently learning celebrities, their lifestyle, career, and personal life. She pour her knowledge here on Wealthy Cast.

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