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Mozzy Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Albums, Income & Girlfriend

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Timothy Cornell Patterson, professionally nicknamed as Mozzy, is a renowned American rap star. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Mozzy has earned name and fame as a successful YouTuber, social media influencer, singer, record producer and a songwriter. With so many hats to wear, E Mozzy net worth 2022 is $1 million.

I bet you should not miss out some really interesting facts ahead. Mozzy the rapper has got an amazing profile. And digging out more about Timothy Patterson is quite a job. Let’s have an eye over Mozzy rapper net worth, wiki and biography, age, height, weight, career, salary, and a bunch of more interesting facts.

As of November 2022, Mozzy’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Net Worth:$1 Million
Real Name:Timothy Cornell Patterson
Age:34 Years Old
Date of Birth:June 24, 1987
Birth Place:Oak Park, Sacramento, California, United States
Monthly Income:$8,333 +
Weekly Income:$1,190 +
Daily Income:$277 +
Height:5ft 9in (1.75m)
Weight:65 Kg
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Color:Dark Brown
Shoe Size:Not confirmed
Siblings:E Mozzy
Father:Not confirmed
Mother:Not confirmed
Grandmother:Brenda Patterson-Usher
Marital Status:Single
Wife/Spouse:Gee O Dee
Dating/Girlfriend:Gee O Dee
Children:Dooterz and Zay
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Favorite Food:Not confirmed
Favorite Drink:Not confirmed
Favorite Perfume:Not confirmed
Favorite Pets:Not confirmed
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Last Updated:2022

Table of Contents

Early Life & Biography

Coming with an Afro-American family, Mozzy did not have an ideal parenting. Born to a mother addicted to drugs, and father mostly behind bars, his humble upbringing took place in the neighborhood of Oak Park in Sacramento. Thanks to his grandmother, Brenda Patterson-Usher, after all, Timothy had someone to look after him.

Mozzy’s journey into Sacramento High School did not see an end, and eventually, he dropped out. Despite that, however, he managed to successfully accomplish General Educational Development (GED). With this all in his plate, and having hands on some meagre jobs, Patterson started to seek out a full-time career in music.

Mozzy could not stop himself falling prey to what he called a ‘humble’ surrounding. And the consequences were not different. The Sacramento Police arrested him many a times between 2005 to 2008, charging on him different allegations. He was accused of illegal possessions of firearms and evading the authorities, henceforth sending him behind the bars in San Quentin State Prison, San Francisco.

Once he was released from the jail, the world started listening to Mozzy, the rapper. But thanks to his unfortunate track record, every now and then he was invited to perform outside the country, the authorities would not allow him outside California.

Finally, it was 2017 when the probation period ended, and everything was now all set to favor his luck.

Personal Life

With carrying along such an adventurous past, one would expect everything to be publicly available about Cornel Patterson. But to your surprise, there is nothing true like that. The world only knows about his 2 young daughters. And, as a matter of fact, for one reason or another, Mozzy did not reveal to the media about his wife; who she is, where she comes from, etc.

Age, Height & Weight

Being born on June 24, 1987, as of 2022, Mozzy is 34 years old. He is 5.9 feet tall, and weighs around 143.3 lb., or 65 kilograms.


Mozzy Career and Achievements

Mozzy’s career started back in 2004 with ‘Christian Rap’ or, also called, ‘Gospel Rap.’ He debuted as Lil Tim with the track “Un Aint Ready Like That,” released in 2010. Following that, 2011 was the year when came out another album of him named “Money Means Mozzy.” And, out of immense popularity among people, it was then he, actually, became famous as ‘Mozzy.’

In 2013, Mozzy released “The Tonight Show,” a mixtape hosted by DJ Fresh. The upcoming year brought out some more releases of Patterson such as ‘Next Body On You,’ ‘Goonbody Embodiment,’ and ‘Free Mozzy.’ The same year, Mozzy also launched a release with Black Market Records named ‘Yellow Tape Activities.’

Timothy’s consistent struggle in the field of music industry was now paying him off. He was receiving the desired recognition when it turned 2015.

In 2015, he released “Bladadah.” This album of Patterson made a real mark. Rolling Stone ranked this album the 22nd best overall. And, of course, it received a flare of recognition in the showbiz industry as well. Mozzy successfully made it to Rolling Stone and Complex Magazine to acclaim his efforts.

In 2016, Mozzy released another series of projects like ‘Lil Timothy N Thingz,’ and ‘Mandatory Check.’ With continuous fame and recognition among the fans, the latter was listed top-7 on the Billboard Charts of Rap Albums.

Year 2017 brought up his new solo album ‘1 Up Top Ahk,’ which ranked 68th on the American Billboard Charts. This successful release featured some more tracks as well. The list includes ‘Tomorrow Aint Promised’ and ‘Momma We Made It.’ And guess what, such was his status in 2017 that on his new project named ‘Fake Famous,’ arts like YFN Lucci, G-Eazy, and Jadakiss made guest appearance.

The same year, thanks to ‘Play Too Much Entertainment,’ Timothy launched ‘Can’t Fake It The Real’ with Youngsta.

In 2018, he was now releasing single ‘Seasons,’ which featured Reason and Sjava. On one of his similar solo projects ‘Nobody Knows,’ he collaborated with DCMBR and Jay Rock. During his music career spanning from 2011 to 2019, Patterson made twenty-two solo performances and seventeen collabs with some other artists like Kidd Cartel, YG, Nef the Pharoah, and Philthy Rich.

YouTube & Social Media Career

Mozzy started his YouTube career on September 29, 2018. Where on, he has gained a huge following of 1.27 million subscribers. Over the time, his channel on the platform has reached 1,013,466,943 views in total. Huh! Biggie, isn’t it?

On Instagram, there are 1.4 million individuals following him with a total number of 3,050 posts. Mozzy has earned 309,000 followers on Facebook as well. Whereas on Twitter, he has got a number of 115.1K Followers.

Mozzy Songs & Albums


  • Tell The Truth
  • Sleep Walkin
  • I Ain’t Perfect
  • Can’t Take It
  • Perfect Timing
  • Bladada
  • Afraid
  • Free Yatta
  • Tomorrow Ain’t Promised
  • Big Homie From the Hood
  • Excuse Me
  • Ayy
  • Perk Callin
  • Thugz Mansion
  • Any Second
  • So Lonely
  • Vibe With You
  • Bompton to Oak Park
  • Streets Ain’t Safe
  • My Life Different
  • Black Hearted
  • Hit & Run
  • Body Count
  • Unethical & Deceitful


  • Untreated Trauma
  • 1 Up Top Ahk
  • Beyond Bulletproof
  • Gangland Landlord
  • Internal Affairs
  • Kommunity Service
  • Fake Famous
  • Occupational Hazard
  • Mandatory Check
  • Bladadah
  • Yellow Tape Activities
  • Gang Related Siblings
  • Slimey Individualz

Awards and Achievements

The rapping artist’s journey to win one is still on its way ahead. To date, he is yet to achieve any award.


The journey Mozzy started together with his uncle Genaro ‘GP the Beast’ when he was only sixteen is now a tremendous success. Despite his humble family background, moments he was behind the bars, and professional hurdles, his stardom today is bare fact. Only Mozzy’s love for music has made this walk reach a destination. One can hope that his unstinted effort for music shall reap him rewards he deserves.

Mozzy Talks ‘Untreated Trauma’ Interview

Mozzy Social Media Profiles

Social Platform:Profile Links
Facebook:Mozzy Facebook
Instagram:Mozzy Instagram
Twitter:Mozzy Twitter
YouTube:Mozzy YouTube Channel
Tiktok:Mozzy Tiktok
Deezer:Mozzy Deezer
Spotify:Mozzy Spotify
Soundcloud:Mozzy Soundcloud
Website:Mozzy Official Website
Wikipedia:Mozzy Wikipedia

Net Worth Insight of Mozzy

Net Worth Insight of Mozzy

With album sales, song features, live shows, tours, social media influencing, and YouTube ads in hands, Mozzy Net Worth is estimated between $750 thousand to $1 million.

On the other hands, he has signed contracts with Empire Distribution, Blackmarket Records, Real talk Entertainment, and Livewire Entertainment. It is another source to winning him a good fortune.

According to stats, Mozzy makes $100,000 per year, $8,333.33 per month, $1,923.08 per week, $273.97 per day, $11.42 per hour, and $0.19 per minute.

FAQs About Mozzy

Q: What is Mozzys net worth?

A: As of 2022, Mozzy’s estimated net worth is roughly $1 million. He earned this money from albums release.

Q: What is Mozzy known for?

A: Mozzy is known for his super 22 solo albums and 17 collaborative projects with different rappers. He is famous for his rapping.

Q: What is Mozzy real name?

A: Timothy Cornell Patterson is the real name of Mozzy. He loves to be called Mozzy. His twin brother name is E Mozzy.

Q: What is Mozzy car?

A: Mozzy owns a custom designed Mercedes Benz and Maserati SUV duo. He asked to wrap both cars in military green and candy red Forgiato wheels.

Q: How old is mozzy?

A: Mozzy was born on June 24, 1987, as of 2022, Mozzy is 34 years old.

Q: Where does Mozzy currently live?

A: Living in the neighborhood Oak Park of Sacramento in the past, in 2016, Mozzy moved to Los Angeles, California. He is currently living there.

Q: How much does Mozzy charge for a feature?

A: If you want to book him, his charges ranges between $40,000 to $74,999. For speaking, they have different charges.


Mozzy is a famous rapper in America who is loved by thousands of people in the world. His childhood was full of challenges but he grew up by his grandmother and now he is a successful rapper.

He has released many successful albums alone and also collaborate with different rappers. Mozzy changes his life from behind bars to a popular rapper loved by his fans.

As of 2022, Mozzy’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

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